5 Tips For a Lone Traveler | How To Stay Safe On Your Trip

“Me, myself, and I” is the mindset of a lone traveler with no one to watch out for you unlike the group travelers but it’s easier for a lone traveler to blend and stay off the radar of criminals on the lookout for victims.

It is easier for a lone traveler not to appear like a Tourist but like a local that exudes confidence in his or her tour.

 Here are the 5 tips to stay safe on your trip;

1. Better knowledge of your route

photo credit: pexels

Having a better knowledge of your route and fare for local transport, so you can bargain right and don’t appear like a first timer (“JJC” as we call it here in Nigeria).  Confirm your hotel has a 24-hour front desk if you would be arriving late so you don’t sleep outside.


2. Keep to open places


Follow your instinct, if it does not feel right, don’t do it. Keep to open and public places especially at night. Avoid hidden places.



3. Show Confidence

photo credit: pexels

Exude confidence and walk purposefully. Avoid appearing like a tourist with face glued on guide map, do that before leaving the hotel or train or rental car.


4. Always have means of Identification


Carry good identification in more than one place. When asking for directions, do that like you want to catch up with someone.


5. Keep in touch with family and friends.

photo credit: wikipedia

Leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or family member at home and stay in touch with them regularly via Phone calls or chats or SMS.



Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time – eat, sleep, travel!

Hasta La Vista,

Founder, TravelWithDante.com


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