Nigeria is a multi-cultural nation endowed with plenty traditional cuisine that will make you change your outbound ticket to your home country. Get your taste-buds ready when you visit, to quench your appetite with good African delicacies and make your choice known by commenting on the one you like. Remember the words of Deborah Cater- you have to taste a culture to understand it.



  1. JOLLOF RICE: This is the most popular rice recipe in Nigeria, a taste of it will make you ask for more.

photo credit: buzz Nigeria



2. EDIKANGIKONG SOUP: this is an Efik recipe from the Niger -delta part of Nigeria, very nutritious fresh vegetable soup with fish and meat. it is enjoyed with molds of pounded yam, garri, wheat, and cassava flour (called fufu).

photo credit: Nigerian food tv



3. BANGA SOUP: The very best of Niger-delta and south- easterners call it ofe akwu. Niger-delta enjoys it with fufu, pounded yam, starch. While the south-easterners enjoy it with rice.

photo credit: all Nigerian foods



 4. EGUSI SOUP: this is the most popular of all soups in Nigeria, being enjoyed by all. It is made from melon seeds and enjoyed with molds of pounded yam, garri, wheat, and semolina.

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5. AMALA AND EWEDU: this is the recipe for the western part of Nigeria, it is a nutritious and very popular.

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6. SUYA AND MASA: this is a northern recipe, popularly enjoyed by the Hausa tribe of Nigeria. Suya is a well-spiced barbecued meat, served with fresh onion and cabbage. Masa is made from majorly rice.

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7. EKPANG NKUKWO: another delicacy from Efik and Ibibio people of the Niger-delta in Nigeria. It is prepared from cocoyam and water yam, periwinkle and fresh vegetable.

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8. OKRA SOUP: the soup like any other Nigerian soup is a vegetable soup and being enjoyed with molds of pounded yam, garri, fufu, semolina, and wheat.

photo credit: Nigeria food



9. BEAN AND PLANTAIN POTTAGE: another recipe of the southern and eastern part of Nigeria, consist of yam, beans, and vegetable.

photo credit: eatingnigerian.com



10. MIYAN GEDA: another northern recipe also known as groundnut soup and it is enjoyed with molds of mashed rice, garri, wheat, and semolina.

photo credit: dooney’s kitchen.


A travel experience without the tale of the food seen and tasted is an incomplete tale. I urge you to ask services@travelwithdante.com,  where you can find these foods anytime you visit. If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. – James Michener. 


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  1. thanks for the menu…now I understand the essences of travelling!!!

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  3. Great! Nigeria is got foods. I could perceive their taste from the picture. Nigeria is truly a place to be

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    1. Make your request known. You will receive as requsted.

  5. Great and mouth watering. Makes me want to take a trip to the native areas of these foods. Sure, no one can prepare them better than the natives.

    1. You can as well learn from the natives.

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