Nigeria is a multicultural and multiethnic nation of the sub-Sahara Africa with the alarming rate of increase in population and the high rise in rural to urban migration in search of better life. Road transportation remains the major means of this high rate of movement because not everybody can afford the air fares, the domestic airlines have a few destination coverage in their operations and most cities do not have functional domestic airports. The cities mentioned below witness this vehicular and human traffic often.


A map of the road network in Nigeria:

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Every aspiring Nigerian wants to see the city called Lagos, (the largest commercial hub and former capital of Nigeria) either to visit, in search of a better life or transact and go back. Lagos has the largest and busiest seaport in Nigeria and an international airport as well as the attraction of international businesses and high influx of foreigners. Most international business residing in Nigeria makes Lagos their hub.

Having known importance of the city to the economic life of the people, Lagos is the only city in Nigeria with the bus routes to all major cities in the country with numerous road transport companies operating in and out of the city. You can find them at Jibowu, Ojota, iyana ipaja, maza maza, Ajah bus terminals.




Abuja is a city located in the center of Nigeria, declared the capital in 1991and which witnessed the influx of people into the city, every business relocated to the capital and a high demand for a good road network and transport system to the city became important. Today, you can find a bus route to major cities in every part of the country. If you are in Abuja in need of this bus terminals go to Utako area, Jabi, kubwa and Nyanya – Maraba bus terminal to find the right bus to your destination.




In the thick swamp rainforest of the oil-rich Niger Delta region of the Nigeria is the city of Port Harcourt. this is the hub of the mainstay of Nigerian economy with high influx rate of people every now and then. The city has an international airport under upgrade with less number of domestic flights, so road transport plays a major role there. Although the condition of the roads is not pleasing to motorists and passengers, this city plays host to different tribes of the nation from oil workers to traders and farmers with their produce. For your trip to any part of the country from Port Harcourt get to water lines park, Rumuola bridge, Eleme junction or Rumuokoro park.



Kano is the capital of Kano State in the Northern part of Nigeria, it is the commercial nerve center of the region and is the second largest city in Nigeria. The economic importance of the city stretches beyond Nigeria down to Niger, Chad, and Cameroun, with a massive influx of people into the great city. There is an international airport (Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport) linking the city to other major cities but the major means of transport is by road. There is the presence of trucks and other vehicles linking other cities in the region and outside the northern region down to the Western and Niger Delta respectively. For your road trip request and the right place to find the services, go to Na’ibawa park, Angwa ukwu park, Kofar Mata Park, and Sabon gari park.




This is a southeastern city of Nigeria, also known as coal city and the link between the south-east and Northern geographical regions of Nigeria, the state serves as a hub for all motorist coming from far south-south on a trip to the north and vice versa. For motorist and truck drivers that intend to layover and continue their journey, Enugu serves as a perfect place for these services at Obollo afor, 9th Mile, and four corners respectively. These places offer a 24-hour service to these drivers and travelers. This major role of this state to the road transport system in Nigeria makes it possible to get a commercial vehicle from any of this points to any destination in Nigeria. Within the city of Enugu, the interstate transport services can be accessed at Garki park, holy ghost park and old motor park.




The road transport system has developed over the years with an organized union called National Association of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), this body maintains the motor parks and regulates fares to various destinations. Taking road trips afford one opportunity of seeing the very best of nature and promote culture and tourism in Nigeria. Kindly leave a comment of where you have gone for a road trip and where you plan to go. Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken. – Frank Herbert.



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