Most families find it difficult to embark on a family vacation, often times they don’t know where, when, how to visit and what will suit their immediate family interest. I will advise you ensure that all family members have a valid international passport if the trip will be an international trip via Air transport or across the border by road.

I have a couple of steps to aid in making the plan worthwhile.



Family interest.

Your first step towards a successful trip is to know what your family members enjoying will help determine the destination and the kind of activity available there like Beach, Lake, Cruise, Amusement park etc.





Having a defined budget could help narrow down your choice of destination for your family trip. The budget will cut across: VISA procurement; Transportation(Air, train, bus ticket fares or car rental ); Accommodation(hotel or renting a house); cost of feeding which can be less costly by staying in a place with with free breakfast, with availability of a kitchen or fridge. It is good you budget for activities you intend to do like visit to Madam Tussaud Museum, concerts etc.

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Date of travel

Nigeria in tropical West African region, has two seasons in a year, rainy and dry seasons. During the rainy season(corresponding summer season), schools do give a long holiday which afford families opportunity to go on vacation. Another vacation period is during the dry season(corresponding Winter season), which is usually a short holiday period for Christmas and a low turn-out period for international trips.

Most families fix their vacation during this long vacation period to places where they will experience the summer holiday. I advise you get your kids’ school calendar and check properly for the closing and resumption dates to enable you plan your leave at work and get a tentative date for the trip.

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Purchase of airline tickets and Accommodation.

Advance ticket purchase at least 6 to 8 weeks before your trip gives you the opportunity to get best fares and connection to your destination. Having a firm knowledge of airline baggage allowance policy will aid to pack.

Most airlines will accept a carryon bag at 5kg, 2 pieces of 23kg each on economy class and 2 pieces of 32kg each for business class. Encourage your children to pack lightly this will save you the stress of luggage loss and less to carter for.

Always remember that a kid from 0 – 1year, 11months is an infant, 2 – 11years 11months is a child and 12 years and above is an adult.

When looking out for accommodation for family trip, go for a secured, clean and central located hotel or rented house as the need may be. Check for hotel that will offer breakfast service and provide a fridge. If it’s a house that has kitchen, it will make it easier to provide good meals according to choice. For your best flight deals and hotel reservations contact


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Plan other activities and build quality family time.

When planning your trip the input of your family members is highly recommended and important so as to cater for their activities. Consider those activities that you need to purchase the tickets in advance before been sold out.

As a family, doing activities like sightseeing on a tour bus, safari games, visit to madam tussaud museums, visit to parks and beaches, hiking creates the room for family bonding and lovely memories for a lifetime.

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Don’t let next summer pass you by. Start planning your fun-filled family vacation that will leave its print in your family history. I hope this steps will take you  to your destination as I leave you with the words of Frank Herbert – Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps, the sleeper must awaken.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time – eat, sleep, travel!

Hasta La Vista,


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Kaptin k · August 5, 2017 at 10:44 am

Hi dante, am impressed with your blog. Looking forward to having holiday packages from you. A one stop shop for holidays would be ideal. Wehdone sir!

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