Travelling on a plane for a long stretch can be so tiring and you might need to catch some sleep to help you relax and reduce the stress of the flight but the congestion, noise, and distractions makes sleeping very difficult. In the midst of all these, it’s still possible to get comfortable and get some sleep while flying. The best way is to book a first-class or business class ticket where you enjoy all the special benefits that provide comfort throughout your travel. If you can’t afford it, these are a few other options you can employ to get some shuteye in your economy section.

  • Keep your legs apart, don’t cross them

Crossing your legs and maintaining a clamped position can hinder blood flow, cause back pain, blood clot, and inability to sleep. Keeping your legs straight with a slight bend at your knees will ensure easy flow of blood and help you sleep well.

  • Book an evening flight

If you are the type that finds it difficult to sleep during the day, it’s better to choose an evening flight that makes it easier for you to sleep when night falls during the flight.

  • Get a sleep mask, earplugs or headphones, blanket, and neck pillows

Having these items on board will help you eliminate the noise, block out the lights, give you warmth, and provide neck support that will all contribute to having a sound, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Stay hydrated

Dehydration can interrupt your sleep. To stay refreshed, drink water before boarding and have a bottle of water close to you for whenever you are parched. Stay away from coffee and soda, and just maintain water or juice.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

The air conditioning system circulates cold air that makes it uneasy for you to sleep. While you are inactive, the best way to keep the cold out is to wear light clothes with a sweater or pullover and a pair of long, warm socks on the side. It is also effective for proper blood circulation and system functioning. Staying warm makes it more comfortable to fall asleep. 

  • Avoid alcohol

It’s not as if you can’t have alcohol but if you want to sleep well on a plane, one glass of beer or wine will do. Too much alcohol can hinder your sleep.

  • Stay buckled

You don’t want your sleep to get disturbed by a flight attendant who wants to check that you fastened your seat belt. You can avoid this by buckling up and following the flight regulations.

  • Choose the window seat

It has been proven beyond doubts that the plane’s window seat is best for so many reasons if you want to enjoy a smooth flight – one of the benefits is good, sound sleep. The seat allows you to rest your head comfortably on the cabin’s wall and gives you control over the window shade to control the entrance of light. It also frees you from disturbances from people who stand up to use the restroom and walkabout. As much as possible, avoid the rear seats close to the lavatories because the clanking sound from the engines, smell from the restroom, and noise from people moving around and opening doors will not only disturb your sleep but also interfere with your peace.

  • Eat healthy

If you are going on a long flight, especially if you have a weak stomach, avoid food that can upset your stomach and disturb your calm. Instead, eat light food that can help you sleep well.

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