We are back again! Here are some of the safety Tips as we travel again.

Take a PCR test: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a chemical reaction harnessed to detect and identify trace bits of DNA, whether from a virus or bacteria to study the organism or diagnose an infection hence it is the standard test for detecting the presence of coronavirus so before travelling, it is very paramount you take Polymerase Chain Reaction test and let it be valid 96hours to your travelling date. Ensure your international passport, PCR test and boarding pass are printed and within reach.

Clean up: While many airlines have announced an extra plane cleaning, there is no guarantee that every surface will get the full treatment. So carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seat armrest, tray table, seat-back pocket, air vent, seat touch screen, headrest and window blind.

Use your Travel Consultant: At times like this, having a dedicated travel consultant and a travel management company with a genuine 24/7 emergency hotline is priceless. Should you be quarantined or denied entry to a country a travel consultant can help with accommodation, flight changes, cancellations and alternative routing, We at Travelwithdante can help you out with all your travelling logistics.

Breathe easy: Almost all modern aircraft have HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters that will filter 99.999% of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air. However, infection specialists suggest a window seat, away from passenger foot traffic, could offer you a bit more protection.

Upgrade: Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights because of how air circulates and is filtered on aeroplanes. However, social distancing is difficult on crowded flights and sitting within 6 feet of others, sometimes for hours, may increase your risk of getting COVID-19. If your travel policy allows, you can upgrade to business or first-class travel. It will give you a small buffer of extra personal space and potentially less contact with other passengers.

Do not travel if you’re sick: COVID-19 appears to have an incubation period of at least 14 days, unlike regular flu which is 2 days. An increasing number of international airports are also conducting temperature checks for arriving, departing and transiting passengers, so there’s the chance that you could be denied boarding for having a fever unrelated to COVID-19. To protect yourself, and other travellers, by not flying when you’re sick.

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