The world is endless for us to experience, the more sights you see, the more dishes you taste, the more miraculous places you discover and it all adds to who you are. A person who returned from a “round the world” trip is never the same as the one he or she used to be before. And the desire to go and explore more places becomes unstoppable. The coolest thing about travelling is this, Different people can have divergent experience, impressions and memories even when they visit the same place. Travelling impacts a lot on us. With that being said, here are some importance of travelling.



Travelling helps you escape your daily routine.

Even in the process of preparing for the next trip, you get your head filled with new ideas and expectations that make you forget all the current trouble. travelling itself is even more powerful. Between exploring beautiful beaches, climbing mountains and trying local cuisine you’ll never have time to think about your boring routine tasks at home. When you travel, every day is exciting, Everything you experience is new and impressive, you decide what you want to do next, and there is no boss to spoil your day. In most cases, you don’t have a spare minute to be anxious about your usual issues. Leave all that stuff at home. When you travel abroad, you can be whoever you want to be, so enjoy everything as much as you can. Make sure to accumulate enough great memories to escape to when you get caught up in your routine back home.



Travelling together strengthens your relationships

In your routine, you would hardly get time to spend time with your family and enjoy the pleasure of bonding. Travelling with your near and dear ones gives you some dedicated time which will help you revive and enliven your relationship with your family. The fun and pleasure of being with family members and loved ones are unparalleled. Seeing different places together, sharing meals and enjoying fun time will add freshness to your relationships. If you are going through a bad phase with your partner, going on a trip at a romantic destination would be the perfect way to bring happiness and intimacy back in your relationship.



You develop open-mindedness and tolerance

When you see a person of another skin colour for the first time, it comes as a shock. After travelling for a while and being around all kinds of nationalities, you don’t even notice the difference anymore. You might still be curious about local traditions, unique clothing items, and someone’s ideology, but you learn to respect everyone’s views and become more open to contradictions. The more cultural discrepancies you face, the easier it becomes for you to deal with other people’s differences. When you experience strange behaviour and maybe some traditions that are very much outside your comfort zone, you learn to embrace the distinctions and look at things from a different angle. Later in life, it might help you a lot to be a good friend and deal with controversial opinions.



Traveling Improves Your Understanding Of Other Cultures

Travelling broadens your horizons not only physically but mentally as well. When you only see your own country or region, you only know one culture -your own. You think you know how the world should be, the right way of living but there are so many other ways you probably don’t even know exist. Learning about different cultures is a huge part of travelling abroad. You may watch movies and read books but you can never understand a foreign culture unless you see it in your own eyes, take part in cultural events and talk to locals. The importance of travelling lays far behind the obvious: you should really understand the difference between a tourist and a traveller. A tourist might come straight to the beach from the airport and stay there until vacation is over, there is nothing wrong with that approach, but that’s not travelling even though you are physically abroad. For a traveller, cultural sensitivity is one of the main things to seek.



You get great business idea

If you are looking to be an entrepreneur and want to do something unique and different, travelling to different countries can enlighten you with a lot of business ideas. The most obvious business opportunities that you can spot are the possibility of a trade. If you have a strong observation and a deep understanding about people’s liking, you may be able to analyze if there is some product in your homeland that you can probably introduce to people in that country. You may as well borrow business ideas from your travel destination country and try and implement them in your country. Over the centuries, we have been seeing this happening. People who travel and have seen the other part of the world, are great entrepreneurs.

I leave you with the words of Robert Orben, Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.

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Until next time – eat, sleep, travel!

Hasta La Vista.




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